June 3-4, University of Greenwich, London

Chris and Andrew were superb mentors to the group. Chris’ approach to the character development process was absolutely fascinating and I was particularly amazed by Andrew’s ability to show character and action in the briefest of lines during the drawover exercise. I was humbled by the work on show during the folio review session. There were some serious talents on display and the attendees should feel proud of what they have achieved.

–Simon Lissaman Melbourne Masterclass


What an amazing few days this has been. I got so much out of each class with Chris Sasaki and Andrew Gordon and can’t wait to start applying some of their tips to my work. So much awesome was crammed into such a small space of time, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t blink for like 72 hours in case I missed anything. Watching the demo reel feedback today was also super interesting, and it made me wish I had something prepared to show them. These guys are the absolute best and I am gutted I missed the opportunity to have their feedback on my work. Regardless, I still took an awful lot away from the feedback they gave to others, so it worth attending the session even without something to put forward.

– Kate Inabinet Melbourne Masterclass.


If I ever do well in animation I’m going to go and give that information backthrough teaching” (Andrew Gordon) The main thing that I want to thank Chris and Andrew for is being so generous in passing on their skills, knowledge and feedback. They are so motivated to take the time to foster the growth of quality animators by teaching their own skills and this is incredibly inspiring, I could not be more grateful. It was the most humbling thing to see both of these amazing guys admit that they’ve had bad drawings or disappointments animating at some point in the process and teach us that it’s ok to have those design problems since what is important is that you keep working for solutions. It was such a fun, collaborative atmosphere with all the people in the class and I wish you all the best and look forward to potentially working with you guys in the future!

– Isabella Spangnollo Sydney Masterclass

I’ve actually done one of the extended Pixar masterclasses before.
They are amazing.
I learned more in that than my entire diploma.


Alex Norton
Game designer

Andrew’s masterclass was an incredible experience.
Full of information,  ideas and techniques.
Most of all it has inspired me to push my own work to a new level.


Huy Ho
Character Animator
Weta Digital

Thank you for sharing your time at the workshop in Seattle last weekend. It was an amazing opportunity, and I learned so much. I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions and also your suggestions of animation software such as Anime Studio Pro and Maya, and tutorials on Lynda. The talk you gave was really inspiring and I can’t wait to apply what you taught me. Thanks again!

I just wanted to thank you for the great class you taught over the weekend. I thought both days were excellent. It was an amazing opportunity to see inside the creative process and I was excited to see so many young people in attendance. I do hope you continue to provide opportunities like this for the interested public. I think Pixar deserves a vote of thanks for making it possible for you and Rej to do this work. While few are chosen, everyone should have the chance to make their career dreams into reality.  Educational opportunities like the one you just provided are crucial to ensuring the talented and the determined get their due.


Seattle Attendee

I teach animation at TAFE in Brisbane. The animation masterclasses with international speakers, such as Andrew Gordon, provide a window into the workings of the magic. We know it is magic because even as we learn to create it, it still holds us spellbound. The knowledge can be adapted and applied locally. The magic flows into Australian animation students through Australian teachers. In a world of screens, meaningful, crafted visual communication and storytelling is essential for the progress of modern arts culture while refreshing human connection. Stay connected with the world of animation through a masterclass. Learning in the company of animation artists at the masterclass provides the perfect chemistry and energy boost for sustainable creativity.


Frank Gasch

Many thanks for sharing your time and expertise through Masterclass in Seattle. I attended with my daughter, a high school sophomore who has a passion for expressing her ideas through animation and intends to pursue higher education and a career in character animation.  As the parent of a child in a school district with very few arts education resources, I can attest that this class is a valuable resource which I am grateful we were able to experience. After months of anticipation, the class exceeded all expectations. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed ‘getting her animation nerd on with her people’ and is already digging in with the countless new tools she has taken away from your class. Thank you again for this priceless opportunity.


Seattle Attendee

Animation is where my heart is … and please keep these Pixar courses happening. Since it might be long while before I consider myself ready to work at a company like Pixar, it’s simply awesome having the ability to take these courses from time to time and feel like I’m still a part of Pixar in one way or another. In other words … Thanks!

Montreal Attendee

Both the instructors were wonderful and engaging. I really appreciated Andrews action analysis. Seeing the pixar scenes as “work in progress” getting blocked in and then polished and the whole layered approach was great. Also seeing the “home video” of pixar animators acting out their scenes was fantastic. Just about everything They had to say was a real eye opener to me.


Montreal attendee

Being able to see examples of effective stories- from Pixar and pull it apart to understand what makes them effective. Although I am not familiar with animation I still learnt some skills from the Andrew about animation.


Sydney attendee

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